Scones… fresh out of the oven

Made scones again….

DSCN2583 Blog

These scones are made with sultanas.  I love to eat these! I actually make these quite often—sometimes plain or with sultanas or dried “red” blueberries, whatever I can find in the local shops here in Piedmont.  Scones are best eaten with clotted cream and strawberry jam.  Here in Italy we don’t have the luscious clotted cream that you’d find in Cornwall and Devonshire, England.  But just topping them with creamy butter is good too. Perfect with freshly brewed black tea!

Scones should be eaten straight out of the oven—fresh baked and warm!  So, it’s definitely homemade scones that are the best to eat—you can’t get them this fresh from a bakery and certainly not in the supermarket!

Of course, the BEST scones I ever ate were in Britain, not to mention how wonderful the tea is!

By Karin Susan Fester (c) 2014

2 thoughts on “Scones… fresh out of the oven

  1. I ate my first “real” scones when my boyfriend’s parents took us for a little trip to a small cafe in a picturesque village in Peak District National Park. It was unbelievably beautiful with stone cottages and mountains and green fields with white sheep everywhere. Like you say, the cream was one of a kind and the tea strong and perfectly matching the taste of scones :) I am yet to eat ones that can live up to those first ones!

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